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This is what we have been doing

This blog post radiates my strong pride in the work of all the staff here at Tang Hall SMART, who have done some of their best work this past week. The video below, is Friday's episode of THS Live - in case you haven't seen it ... just a little something we rustled up during the week - and below that, is a summary of everything we have achieved together with some reflections from me..

I am a really exacting boss .. always pushing everyone to do more, do it better - and in these unusual times when a quick glance at social media seems stuffed full of voices forcefully expounding dread and anxiety - well the staff team at Tang Hall SMART do exceptionally well to put up with me and continue to exert themselves . They never say, 'No - enough is enough you are asking too much!' - and instead, what they do, is work furiously behind the scenes to achieve magic. And their work is never done because I never say, 'Yes, that is it, we are there, it is all achieved' - no, my response is always 'Right, well that is good .. but now let's try...'

At present we are a team of 16 ... with 5 of us on site still, managing central operations, whilst everyone else is working at home. I would like to share this small moment of pride, and ask you to look at what they have achieved in just 5 days, to help the community:

a) Established an on-line college. This contains a bank of resources we have created ourselves in the last few days ... coaching videos, worksheets, quizzes, projects etc, as well as links to great tutorials, music, film, art online. The materials are all nicely presented and engaging - and there is lots and lots of it!

b) Connected with over 40 of our participants on phone or Skype. Some people have had several phone calls from us this week, with Becky and Graham in particular putting in some seriously good personalised support where it is most needed.

c) Sent out emails/invitations to connect with us/ideas and resources - to over 60 people

d) Arranged for boxes of art materials/music hardware/musical instruments/electronic kits - to be dropped off to 10 people.

e) Established video broadcasting on Facebook with THS Live (Episode 6 is above) complete with its own star -David.

f) Established and created video material for two new strands- 'Dancing With Lucy' , and 'The 2-Al's Lab'

Next week, the plan is to embed the on-line college, but then, the exciting bit .... we will be rolling out our Music and Creative Arts portal after that, to any adult in York who has a learning disability, or is in recovery, or is experiencing difficulties due to homelessness/poor mental health. If you have been on a waiting list for one of our usual sessions (SoundSMART, Musication, Kickstart etc) you will have a chance to connect with us through the portal! For the next 3 months this will be entirely free. Watch this space for more news of this exciting development.


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