We are a York-based community organisation that specialises in individualised Post 16 music and arts educational programmes for students with additional needs.  We also deliver training and support for adults with entrenched multiple difficulties such as homelessness and addiction. 


We have come a long way since our beginnings in 2014 when Sue (a former teacher from Burnholme Community College) and husband Al, began delivery of several community-clubs. 


Initially we delivered weekly music clubs for children, teenagers, adults, the Tang Hall Chorus, and an inclusive club. There was also an evening electronics and technology club for adults, a sports club for children/teenagers, and one small contract with Applefields for a regular class with year 10 pupils.  The Christmas 2014 gig was packed with 280 in the audience!


The business began to grow further in 2015 with ‘Musication’, a brand-new part-time music industry training course for adults who are unemployed/disadvantaged, and  SoundSMART - music training for adults with learning disabilities. Other new business included a weekly contract with Danesgate pupil referral centre.  


A variety of gigs/events were held during the  year, usually at least one a term, and this was to become a pattern for following years. The most notable over time have been: ‘Regeneration’ in 2016, consisting of 9 hours of music on 2 stages in the old school building, the 2018 ‘Phoenix’ concert at the new centre, and gigs at The Duchess, Fibbers and the Barbican. We have a record label, Musication,  of which we are very proud. Our biggest artist is D.Ni.L - who is AKA Neil Card, one of our own staff team. (Not only has Neil released 6 albums on our label, he achieved national recognition in 2019 when he was awarded the Youth Music title of: 'Inspiring Music Leader of the Year').



Welcome To

We are the key provider of community music and arts vocational training in York. We have a proud identity and track record as a social enterprise & community interest company, and we apply our entrepreneurial approach to the fulfilment of our charitable aims.  Our vision encompasses a holistic and self-supporting model of community growth, whereby our educational and training services combine with our products (which we create for our in-house record label - 'Musication' - as well as in our workshop) to enable us to offer a wide range of activities and events for people to enjoy.
Located at The Centre@Burnholme which houses Tang Hall Explore library and cafe, as well as other community providers - we operate from our suite of rooms including: several classrooms, a workshop, and a recording studio. Some of our previous clubs and classes have been paused for the forthcoming year due to our decision to continue to operate as safely as we can during the pandemic, but we hope to start these up again in September 2022, when we will be operating from TWO sites, which will of course give us more space to stretch out!







As we prepare for our ninth year of delivery, it is obvious that in some ways Tang Hall SMART is rather different to how we were at the  beginning. Perhaps most obviously, we have grown, as evidenced in our much larger staff team. In our first year there were just Sue, Al and Linda, and now there are 24 of us!

We have refined our vision too. Over the years we have tried our hand at all sorts of things, such as 'Baby Rockers', 'Adult Rock School', 'Community Arts and Crafts', 'Tea Dances for Care Homes' etc - and at one point we had 22 different clubs and classes taking place each week, but for the next year, we are focussing mainly on Smart-Ways (our Post-16 education programme), and 'Kickstart', which is our 'Igen-funded'  cutting-edge project for adults with multiple barriers.  There are a few other bits and pieces, for example, Musication, the Flourish@Smart choir, and Give it a Go Joe Drama club - but most of our time for the year ahead will be spent working with our Smart Ways students, all of whom are studying full-time accredited programes.


A key innovation for us has been our development of virtual platforms,which we have now incorporated into our on-site offer. At the beginning of the pandemic we set up a digital college on the Sap Litmos learning management system, called SMART SPACE, and today this houses around 500 video courses. 


However some things have not changed in the slightest! We are still firmly rooted in an ethos of inclusivity, respect for each other's differences, a belief in talent, a desire to see people succeed. We still want to see people smash those ceilings, we still have a 'can-do' attitude, and we still take every opportunity we can to put on a great concert! 



We have a range of media across our social platforms and websites. We are very proud of our record label, music videos and Youtube documentaries.


Our Staff

Meet our fantastic and varied team of staff members and find out about their specialisms and interests. Click on the image to find out more.

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Our ‘Smart-Ways’’ programme is intended for post-16 learners who have an EHCP. Aimed at young adults who would enjoy the range of music and arts activities we have on offer, we can offer a high degree of flexibility and attention to the needs and interests of the individual. Click on the image to find out more.