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Electronics Workshop

About the Electronics Workshop

Our workshop invents, designs, develops and produces a range of products. This has included:

Light Mic  - Dancing Suit –– Prox-Box -  Composing Flute – Wanderkey 

We also work on a variety of smaller music/sound-based gadgets/equipment, including adaptations for people who have disabilities.  Our budget-price range includes: record players, sound-boxes and wrist plectrums.

Al has made a record player in our workshop. Some of the parts were designed and printed using a 3D printer, such as the gimble which make up part of the record player arm. The record player arms will be available for sale in the future and possibly the turntables as well. Below is a video of the record player in action in our studio. The record wasn't made here at Tang Hall SMART, but we haven't ruled out releasing something on vinyl on our Musication record label!

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