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Courses and classes for adults with additional needs


On this page you can access information about all the courses and activities aimed at adults who have additional needs. These are open to anyone, and can be arranged via a social worker as part of a social care package, or perhaps paid for out of PIP funding, or through personal income. Our sessions are suitable for those who are transitioning away from education/an EHCP. We will be taking bookings for the following September 2023,  from March 2023, but feel free to get in contact with us before that to express an interest in any of the courses or sessions. 
The flyer to the right gives information about the range of sessions that can be selected to create an individualised programme.
There are also flyers attached for SoundSMART and THS@The Jam Factory at the bottom of the page, which are profiled in the videos. 


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Click here for a digital copy of THS@The Jam Factory leaflet.

Click here for a digital copy of SoundSMART  

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