Kick start @ Tang Hall SMART 

This is aimed at adults who are artistic , musical, or good at woodworking, who want to start moving towards being employed, (as a voluntary or paid worker), but who are struggling with multiple barriers such as homelessness, poor mental health, addiction etc.  Kick Start @ Tang Hall SMART offers a very individualized approach, with one-to-one support and coaching, to help people progress to a level where they could then consider training alongside others. Whilst we already run two provisions for people who have struggled with homelessness, poor mental health and addiction:  a part-time music course (Musication) on a Friday afternoon and an ESF-funded employability programme – we recognize that sometimes people need more than this in order to get to that stage where they feel ready to attend classes and training alongside others. 

Having secured funding from Igen to run the Kick Start programme for 3 years, Tang Hall SMART will be starting up on January 8th. 

The aim is to offer something which would appeal to  people who see themselves as musical or artistic, but who have been facing major difficulties. Perhaps you were good at art, woodwork/electronics,  music at school, perhaps it is something you have taken further at college or in previous work?  What we are offering is a chance to have some one-to-one bespoke sessions – these could be focused on art, workshop skills, music making or recording, film-making – and/or a weekly chat and a cuppa. We will even come out and visit where you live or in a café, rather than you coming to us to start with,  so you get a chance to know us first …And it would all be for free. 

Apart from myself, Sue, the team consists of 3 skilled staff members with lived experience: including Neil Card, Alan Rollinson and Becky O’Donovan.  Neil's view is: : “This sort of work is so important; it was this level of support and outreach I received from Tang Hall SMART when I was a homeless addict. That kick-started me back into music, employment and accommodation. This programme enables Tang Hall SMART, and myself, to do the same for many others.”

So who can apply? We give priority to people who are homeless, or who have experienced homelessness and the multiple entrenched difficulties that can come with this. People living in any of the homeless hostels or flats run by organisations such as Changing Lives or Restore, are welcome to self refer or ask a staff member to do so.  We will also accept applications from people struggling with a combination of addiction and mental health problems. Anyone on the books of Changing Lives is welcome to refer to us. This project is funded by Igen, for those with multiple problems.  We offer other provisions such as Musication and our many clubs for people experiencing difficulties with their mental health. 


We will start to look at referrals on 2nd January. Email for an appointment on or after that date or phone 07725997342.

Contact Us

The Centre@Burnholme

Mossdale Avenue,


YO31 0HA

07725997342 (general)

07312098249 (for current participants)

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