Kick start @ Tang Hall SMART 


This is aimed at adults who are artistic , musical, or good at woodworking, who want to start moving towards being employed, (as a voluntary or paid worker), but who are struggling with multiple barriers such as homelessness, poor mental health, addiction etc.  Kick Start @ Tang Hall SMART offers a very individualized approach, with one-to-one support and coaching, to help people progress to a level where they could then consider training alongside others. 

Having secured funding from Igen to run the Kick Start programme for 3 years, Tang Hall SMART began delivery on January 8th 2020. 

This course is still running, despite the challenges imposed by Covid-19, but we have had to change how it is delivered. Initially we changed to a 100% on-line model from March 2020, and then we began to restart on-site sessions from September 2020, yet from November 2020, during the second UK lockdown, we are engaging with people via our THS Music and Arts portal, whilst running our new documentary project. 

The 'Real Lives' documentary project, is spear-headed by Neil, pictured above second right. Having had similar experiences himself to many of participants on this scheme, Neil is ideally placed to manage this new initiative, which focuses on capturing people's stories in film or in writing. Contact Neil directly if you would like to have a weekly meeting with Neil, which takes place outside, in the bus-shelter, where the chat between the two of you would be filmed. There is an interesting, gritty aesthetic to this, with the stories being spoken through masks, filmed in black and white - and participants can opt to be anonymous through the use of pixilation and voice distorters. Contact Neil directly on if you are interested in being part of this project and if you are someone who has experienced homelessness and the multiple entrenched difficulties that can come with this.


Anyone who is currently living in any of the homeless hostels or flats run by organisations such as Changing Lives or Restore, or who is registered with addiction services in the area, is welcome to self refer or ask a staff member to do so if you are interested in a free membership of our THS Music and Arts website.  This gives you access to a wide range of music tutorials, some art projects, a platform for sharing your work if you want this, plus access to our monthly virtual open-mic nights.