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This Igen funded action-research project, is aimed at adults who are struggling with multiple barriers such as homelessness and addiction etc.  Kick Start @ Tang Hall SMART (which is not to be confused with the Govt. programme of the same name) offers a very individualised approach with one-to-one support and coaching in music, art, etc, to help people progress to a level where they are ready for wider training alongside others. Each programme offers up to10 hours of onsite activities each week, together with mentoring and, if appropriate, accreditation. It might be possible to arrange outreach mentoring as part of a programme in order to assist access to our onsite support. 

As well as offering substantial programmes to individuals with the aim of enabling deep impact and change, we are also developing our national footprint.  The first important part of this has been our  'Bus-stop' documentary project, spear-headed by Neil.   Having had similar experiences himself to many of participants on this scheme, Neil was ideally placed to manage this initiative, which focused on capturing people's stories in film during a period from January 2021 to June 2021.  Due to the restrictions of the pandemic,all 140 videos were filmed either in the bus-stop outside The Centre, or behind the bike racks. There is an interesting, gritty aesthetic to this, with the stories being spoken through masks, filmed in black and white.

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Alongside the work we are involved in with participants, we are also in the process of curating our videos, which when combined, tell a powerful tale of addiction, homelessness, identity, and sometimes - recovery. They will form part of our free resource for those experiencing similar challenges anywhere in the country, to be launched later in the year. Watch this space! 

Anyone who is currently homeless, or living in any of the homeless hostels or flats run by organisations such as Changing Lives or Restore, or who is struggling with addiction, is welcome to self refer. We are currently full, with a bit of a waiting list, but envisage there will be a couple more places from September 2022,when we move into our second site. 


Sue Williamson

Contact for Kickstart enquiries

Mobile Contact: 07725997342


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