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The Glenn Sweetman Memorial Fund

About Glenn and the fund

Glenn Sweetman was one of our people, a fantastic creative guy, who left behind some wonderful writing, art and music. He struggled with addiction and mental health, but never stopped caring about others. The Glenn Sweetman memorial fund has been created to honour everything Glenn stood for, and to allow Tang Hall SMART to extend its work with people experiencing addiction and poor mental health.

On this page you can order a booklet of Glenn’s work, a T-shirt with one of Glenn’s designs, or simply donate to the fund.

If you are someone who is experiencing addiction and poor mental health, particularly when this has resulted in a period of homelessness, and you are interested in finding out about how Tang Hall SMART might be able to help, please email or text 07725997342

This is how The Press and York Mix covered the fund. Also please see our Kickstart page.


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You can purchase a T-shirt featuring a design by Glenn for £20, or a booklet of his writing and art for £10. The T-shirts come in small, medium or large, and are available in orange, green or white. Please email with your order, and to arrange payment by bank transfer, cheque, or in-person with cash.  Alternatively you can purchase via the button below.

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Glenn was a talented composer and DJ, and we are delighted to have found a few of his tracks on Soundcloud. There are plans to release some on CD. Watch this space. 

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