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Flourish Choir

About the Flourish Choir

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The Flourish@Smart choir was initially called 'Flourish', and was aimed at people living with dementia. Emily Abbott, Buffy Breakwell and Jane Rhodes ran this wonderful choir for several years. Tang Hall SMART became involved in 2018 as the choir was going to disband, and Sue and Neil (with Jane in support, who had joined the THS team at this time) began to run the choir. Sue widened the membership base so that the choir became an inclusive choir, and then over the next 18 months, built the membership up, so that by March 2020, when the choir was 'paused' due to the pandemic, there had often been over 70 in the hall on Mondays.

We have been on quite a journey since the UK lockdowns, trying to find ways of managing to continue with some singing, and endeavouring to maintain connectivity with our older participants. We ran Zoom sessions, and also, when restrictions permitted, sang on people's drives. But we were thrilled to get back on site September 2021, and with a new staff-team to front it, Joe, Jane and Natasha, the choir has gone from strength to strength.


We are still cautious about social distancing, so numbers are  limited but do please get in touch if you are interested in coming by emailing

The session runs from 11.00-12.00 in the assembly hall at Burnholme and costs £3 each. 



Jane Rhodes

Contact for Flourish enquiries

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