Up until March 2020, we were running two community choirs.  Flourish@Smart was a large inclusive choir, aimed at older residents, participants from United Response, the wider community, and also our own Smart-Ways participants - some of whom attended with job-roles. At times we had over 70 in the hall, and the format was we would get through six or seven songs each hour, with Sue leading the singing, Neil accompanying on keys, and Freddy or Joe on the cajon. We were also running The Tang Hall Chorus, again with accompaniment by Neil, but this time led by Natasha. Established in 2014, this session took place Wednesday evenings and was attended by up to 15 people from the community.

We have been on quite a journey since the UK lockdowns, trying to find ways of managing to continue with some singing, and endeavouring to maintain connectivity with our older participants. 

Fast forward to November 2020: Piano Joe, Natasha and Renie have taken over 'Choir' as a whole strand. Up until the second lockdown, they were visiting different people's driveways (participants from back in March), and offering a much needed singing experience. They have also been delivering a weekly group singing experience on Zoom. Natasha has recently set this up for Tang Hall Chorus members too. 

Are you someone who fancies a good sing, and is interested in taking part in one or both of these free sessions on Zoom? If so, get in touch. 

If you are a former member of The Flourish@Smart choir, and would enjoy watching Sue, Neil, Al and Lucy/Sue-2 perform versions of our repertoire for the last couple of years, again, get in touch and we will send you the Google Drive links for free. In the meantime here are a couple of tracks to bring back some memories!