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Our Community Comes First

Community is vital to all of us no matter where we live and who we live by. It is especially vital in music and art where the simple act of sharing and bouncing ideas off others can build relationships with others on a deeper level. Throughout the years (almost 10) we have provided a variety of community clubs which has helped us develop friendships within SMART. Now we have more community clubs running than ever before! These include Inclusive Rock School, Flourish Choir, Tang Hall Chorus, Blues Band, Community Band, Art Club, Teen Band, Recording with Faz and our Jazz Band.

We’re very proud to say we have met some fantastic new faces at these clubs and also had the great pleasure of some old faces returning to us to continue their musical and artistic journeys. It’s a cliche to say that your organisation feels like ‘one big family’ but our community clubs really help to knit things together and help SMART continue to feel like one big community inclusive of all. We still have some places left in our clubs so if you are interested then please feel free to email me at dougie@tanghallsmart.comand I’ll give you some more details!

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