We have a range of media across our social platforms and websites. We are very proud of our record label, music videos and Youtube documentaries.


Our in-house record label, Musication, established May 2017, has released 13 CDs, plus numerous music-videos, and single tracks. All our performers, whether they are staff or participants, are encouraged to compose and record original material, to be released on our label. 

CDs/downloads  can be purchased either by emailing (sue@tanghallsmart.com) or via artists'  websites: and there is also a substantial amount of output on Spotify, SoundCloud, YouTube etc. 


Social Media

We have a wide ranging presence on social media including Youtube, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and more. You will find links to all of our socials below. 


David at THS

Back in March 2020, when the first UK lockdown began, we published our first edition of THS live on Facebook, featuring David who lives in the recording studio with Neil.  Since then, David has made sure we release his shows twice a week. The episode below is a compilation that was released on the occasion of the 100th -episode. You can catch up on the regular broadcasts on our Facebook page every Monday and Friday - or you can watch David  on YouTube, where he  has his very own channel. 



Out students have released a wide range of music and music videos on all platforms, check out some of their stuff below!

Jonny The Wolf

Jonny is a rapper with down's syndrome who already has a prolific discography. Jonny the Wolf (AKA Jonny Mottram from Easingwold near York UK) has been rapping with Tang Hall SMART for over 4 years and represents people with Down's Syndrome and people with disabilities everywhere! Jonny is signed up to the Musication label, and works with producer D.Ni.L (AKA Neil Card).

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Ewan Howarth [Grunge]

Ewan Howarth (AKA Grunge) broke onto the York music scene in 2020 with the song 'Running Around In My Head'. He has just released his newest single 'The Best of Me' in collaboration with and produced by D.Ni.L. Ewan is also known for his skills behind the drum kit!

Ewan has William's Syndrome and is very passionate about spreading awareness of it through his music.

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