Our in-house record label, Musication, established May 2017, has released 12 CDs, plus numerous music-videos, and single tracks. All our performers, whether they are staff or participants, are encouraged to compose and record original material, to be released on our label. 

Visit the Musication YouTube channel and websites of associated artists:

CDs/downloads  can be purchased either by emailing (sue@tanghallsmart.com) or via artists'  websites: and there is also a substantial amount of output on Spotify, SoundCloud, YouTube etc. 

These are our titles: 

MUSCD001 D.Ni.L - This In't A Party £10

MUSCD002 - Resistance EP (SOLD OUT)

MUSCD003 - D.Ni.L - Suicide in Sips £8

MUSCD004 - Musication Sampler £6

MUSCD005 - Vulcan Cicada - Man of the Meadows EP £6

MUSCD006 - D.Ni.L Boy.Inside £10

MUSCD007. - Wasabi Fire Alarm - Two Fingers In A V  £8

MUSCD008 - Jonny the Wolf - Introducing The Wolf £7

MUSCD009 - Express - Inclusive Sampler £8

MUSCD010 - D.Ni.L - Do You Know Who I am? £10 

MUSCD011  Musication Sampler 2 £6

MUSCD012  D.Ni.L - 'V'