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About Smart Space

Smart Space is simple to use, with engaging content to support  progression. It is aimed at anyone at all who wants to learn; age is no barrier. We cover a wide ability range, particularly in music, where our tutorials encompass everything from access level to advanced. As well as being a great way for individuals to progress at home, Smart Space is also suitable for schools and colleges who need high-quality curriculum materials for students who are distant-learning. 

Smart Space offers people something to do that can lift mood and inspire engagement. The beauty of it is, and what makes it different from picking out courses at random on YouTube, is that after taking a lesson, students can choose to submit their work (an audio or video) onto the easy-to-use platform, and then receive feedback from the tutor.

There are over 500 courses - and you can choose from:

Guitar, drums, piano, bass, singing, rap, dance, cooking, film-studies, art - and more besides. 

Each session, takes roughly an hour to complete and will usually include a video tutorial.  

The price is £100 for each block of 10 sessions. 


About us

Instrumental skills

Our instrumental lessons are taught by our expert tutors. Lessons are available for musicians of all levels.

Creative & Performing Arts

We have courses that will give those with an interest in the creative arts a strong focus with fun and varied tutorials.

Extra Curricular Activites

We offer a variety of educational and fun extra curricular activities including film studies, cooking and much more

Systems & Interface

Our LMS is easy and safe to use. Due to it's intuitive nature it makes learning and using our interface a breeze.

Instrumental Skills

  • Lessons are fun, easy to follow and are interactive.

  • Tabs, backing tracks and other resources are easily accessible to view and download in a variety of formats.

  • Difficulty level varies broadly from those who are just beginning to pick up an instrument, to those wanting to improve their skills, to those who are wanting to study at a very high level.

  • All of our tutors have taught and performed professionally in a variety of different musical settings.

Creative Arts

We have a variety of creative arts courses, including Drama, Dance and Art

  • Urban Arts courses enable you to develop your art skills with our art tutor. Learn about a variety of pen and pencil techniques including blending and shading. For more experienced artists, Alan has created more complex courses for you. These are more vocational in nature, focused on design such as tattooing. Alan himself used to be a tattoo artist, so you will be learning from a professional with expertise in the field.

  • Our dance tutor, Lucy, has created a variety of dance activities for you to enjoy called “Dancing with Lucy”. These are mainly for access level, and focus on developing your movement and creativity. Within these courses there is opportunity to showcase other creative skills such as art and drama. From Disco Dancing to Dragons, each of these fun filled courses are bound to get you moving and experiencing the joy of dance.

  • Our drama courses focus mainly on different skills we need for performing and creating drama. These are delivered by our drama tutors. Have a go at learning an exciting monologue, and how to do this in the most effective way. These courses are suitable for all levels, and anyone who is interested in developing dramatic skills and performance techniques.



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Extra Curricular Activities

We offer a variety of educational and fun extra curricular activities including film studies, cooking and much more.

  • One of our most exciting features is the 'Content Library' Although learners may be assigned work from tutors, all of our courses are available to browse and try out in the Content Library.

  • Learners' home screens are presented in a contemporary fashion where courses are easy to access.

  • Uploading and downloading resources such as PDFs, photos and videos is very easy and intuitive due to our dedicated servers and easy to understand interface.

Systems & Interface

Smart Space is simple and safe to use and is powered by the world renowned LMS platform SAP Litmos. Learners' interfaces are clean and simple and aspects such as functionality between courses and progression in a certain learning area are clear and fun to follow.

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