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Peter Gore (Musication Participant)

'It is about time that I let you know how much help you have given me over many years. I first came to Smart in 2014.  I came to joins the adult rock school, after trying to teach myself to play guitar using books and the internet. I found this wonderful as it gave me the opportunity to jam with other musicians of all grades. Then my health went down and to cut a long story short I am suffering from constant pain. You Sue, Al and the other staff at Smart took me in looked after me as only my family have. Even though I do struggle sometimes there is always someone who is there for me to unburden myself to. I have never been anywhere where there is so much understanding and empathy shown by everyone to everyone, I can only assume that this is your doing Sue as I see how you show concern for all the members of Smart like they are your own family. I hope to be able to attend Smart for many years to come as being among you is like having a second family who always are pleased to see you. I have had therapists from the NHS and private therapists too - Lynn and I both agree that you have been more help to me than any of them.

So I have to give you my greatest thanks for all you have done for me in the many years I have been coming to Smart and to thank you in advance for the many years I hope to come.


Sue, Al, and the staff at Smart are truly special people who will probably never get any formal recognition for the work you do but you will do it anyway.

Bless you and all your staff for helping me get my life back'    

Joe Smart (United Response Service Manager)

Speaking about United Response Participants performing at one of our concerts:

Just wanted to say thanks for the United Response slot at the concert. It was absolutely superb! The way you and the other guys have worked with all of our customers to understand how to make playing instruments truly accessible to them is amazing and it was brilliant to see them all up front, performing and receiving the accolades!


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