Musication is a part-time music course for adults who face barriers/disadvantages to their music-making such as experiences of homelessness, addiction, and poor mental health. It started up, February 2015, and since then we have been running Friday afternoons, working with groups of around 10 people at any one time. We have paused on-site delivery since the second UK lockdown, but hope to reintroduce some sessions early December.


There is a long waiting list for this grant-funded course, but we are warmly inviting adults, not just from York, but anywhere, to get involved in our on-line portal, THS Music and Arts. This offers members: a range of instrumental and vocal video tutorials, art projects, a change to read about other people's lives, an on-line sharing platform of work, and a change to take part or watch in our monthly virtual open-mic nights! For those people who are missing Musication live sessions, this is where you can catch up with Sue and Neil's music wellbeing-themed lyric sessions, Graham and Dougie's guitar and bass tutorials, keyboard sessions with Piano Joe, and vocal tuition from Renieta - plus gain access to Neil's drum tutoring and beat-making sessions on FL studio.