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Announcement: Tang Hall SMART @ The Jam Factory

We are absolutely delighted and excited to announce that from September 2022, Tang Hall SMART will be operating from two sites! This is due to our growth, and the amount of learners who want to study creative arts, performing arts, and of course music, with ourselves. We love The Centre at Burnholme, but need more room, especially for our musicians.

The excitement is because we have found such a wonderful second site!

Anyone who knows about music in York, will know about The Jam Factory, which is a suite of sound-proofed rehearsal rooms, recording studio, classroom and chill-out lounge. The Jam Factory is one of York's most famous musical institutions, and most bands and artists on the York circuit today would, at one time or another, have stepped foot inside this magical place. We are going to find it hard to wait for a year, but once we get to September 2022, Tang Hall SMART will be the exclusive day-time tenant, week-days, 9-4, as well as a tenant at The Centre at Burnholme!.

This means that next year, we will not have to turn potential learners away which we have sadly had to do this year. It will mean we can look at bringing back some of the classes we used to deliver at The Centre, such as Safebase, SoundSMART, community clubs, our sessions for home-educated children etc. It means we can add an exciting new strand to our model, which is for young people who have graduated out of our learning programmes, and are ready for employment training in music/arts industry skills. .

More news to follow on this over the course of the next year, but I hope you will join us in regarding this as the absolutely brilliant news we think that it is!


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