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Updated: Jan 22, 2021

These are starting up from Monday 25th January - and will run for 6 weeks. All the information you need is below the poster.

These sessions are absolutely free! To sign up contact We will then send you the Zoom link and any extra information you will need about joining the session.


3.45pm-4.15pm: Flourish@Smart sing-along with Joe, Renie and Natasha– This session starts with some warm-ups and then the focus is on older songs, such as Elvis, The Beatles etc. This is a Dementia friendly session.

5.00-6.00: Tang Hall Chorus. In this session, Natasha leads the group with a variety of material, mainly of soft rock/pop genre. Suitable for adults of all ages


2.30-3.00: The 2-Al’s Lab. A chance to catch up with the weird and wonderful projects and inventions in the lab, watch demonstrations, and have a chance to discuss ideas for your own projects. Suitable for adults (or older children accompanied by an adult).


12.30-1.00 Junior Rock School: guitar lesson with Dougie – suitable for children aged 8-12yrs

1.00-1.30 Sing-along with Joe and Renie: suitable for adults – pop classics and songs from the shows.

1.45 -2.15 Guitar lesson with Matt and Graham – this is suitable for adults (beginners onwards) and features an online guitar lesson plus Q+A for your guitar related questions , theory and technique related. All questions can be submitted via the Zoom Chat

2.30-3.00 Jam along with Matt and Graham – suitable for adults - basic intermediates onwards- put your theory to the test or try out new techniques and have fun whilst playing along live with Matt and Graham.

3.00-3.30 Sing-along session for children, families or anyone - with Sue, David and Neil. (David is a puppet, the star of our THS Facebook series) This is your opportunity to step inside the vocal sessions that Sue, David and Neil have been releasing as videos, and sing modern pop classics, as loud as you like, live, in the comfort of your front room (all mics muted!)

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