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The Battle to be the boss of THS!

One of the themes for our nightly releases on Facebook, has been the struggles of David, the star of THS -Live, whereby he has tried to adjust to the new situation at work, and the question has arisen for him of who/what exactly he is, and how he fits in. David's thinking has become more grandiose as he battles with his insecurity, his desire to please, his huge ego that propels him to try and impress by making things up - and general crisis of identity. Whilst recognising that Sue can sometimes support him and that as the boss she has the right to instruct him, (at least in her company) - David tries to subvert this at every turn and seems to have everyone else wrapped around his little finger.

Whilst the staff at Tang Hall SMART all adore David and find his antics hilarious - we have taken a stand against him, and have restricted his media work so that there are 2 of the 5 weekly shows that will be all about participants - not about him. David has been getting fan mail, but some people find him terrifying so we have struck a balance. This is the schedule from now on:

Monday: 4pm - David and his musings (produced by Neil)

Tuesday: 4pm - The people of/who come to Tang Hall SMART (produced by Dougie)

Wednesday: 4pm - David on tour of the Tang Hall SMART base (produced by Neil)

Thursday: 4pm - The memory vaults of Tang Hall SMART (produced by Dougie)

Friday: 4pm - David is the TV presenter for all of our acts, past and present (produced by Neil)

All videos are released on Facebook. Some are also on Youtube. Here is Friday's release:

In the meantime, all the best, Sue X

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