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The next episode!

Over the last couple of months, Tang Hall SMART has been extremely busy. Each week we have created 15 videos at our base, organised 40+ phone calls, hosted 20 or so Zoom/Skype sessions, created countless individualised projects, arranged for approximately 30 equipment/material deliveries, and released 4 editions of THS Live. We have delivered our entire Smart-Ways Post-16 individualised programme on line, continued our work with people in recovery, and managed to connect with an average of 60+ people every week. I am very proud indeed of how our staff have met the challenge of Lock-Down, and have worked so hard to create brilliant provisions that people can access from their homes.

And we are ready now to move into the next phase; a 'Covid-19'- pilot for some on-site work. Since March, only a handful of staff have worked at The Centre@Burnholme - but now we are delighted to welcome back a few more of our colleagues, and of course some of our wonderful Smart-Ways learners.

From June 1st, for a period of 6 weeks, and in-line with other alternative colleges, we will be operating a small amount of on-site tutoring. Then over the summer holiday we will trial a few more activities. We can't wait! We are missing everyone hugely!

And if you are missing us - well why not check into our nightly production of THS Live - which is released on Facebook at 4pm, and don't forget, on Mondays and Fridays it features the mini-boss, David. (Also uploaded onto Youtube)

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