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SAFE BASE is our provision for young people who have experienced secondary school/college negatively, and as a result do not attend regularly/at all.

Some of these young people will have had experiences of being bullied, some will have difficulties with their mental health, and some will have had a late diagnosis of Asperger's.


We accept referrals from mental health and educational professionals as well as parents who are home educating. Due to the trauma that some of our young people have experienced, and in keeping with the aims for this provision, we cannot accept referrals for young people who present disruptive and/or aggressive behaviour. 

We aim to enable the young person to build up their attendance at our base which could possibly act as a bridge back into mainstream school/college, or equally,  our provision could simply exist as a provision in its own right.


It is fine for a person to simply attend, watch, and perhaps chat a little, but we also offer some activities such as: individualised project-work; regular planned arts and crafts work; board games/puzzles.  In the past we  have offered an experience in a wider range of activities such as electronics, computers or music.

SAFE BASE is on Tuesdays 1 - 3pm.   

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